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      Welcome to Shandong Hualong Textile Co.Ltd.!

      Company news

      Get the honor of abiding by the contract reputation
      update:2017-07-02 08:13:05  click:
      Recently, Shandong Hualong Textile Co., Ltd. was once again awarded by China Administration of industry and Commerce 2015 national "Shou contract, re credibility" units, the county's only one of the units awarded this award.

      Over the years the company always uphold the integrity of management, business law, contract and keeping promises, in the domestic and international market and establish a good corporate image and reputation in the market, effectively promoted the rapid and healthy development of enterprises, for 15 consecutive years by the provincial and municipal "heavy contract, keep credit" enterprise 2013, has three consecutive years by the state the State Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the "national Shou contract re credit" units.
      The company always attaches importance to product innovation and create a harmonious corporate culture, vigorously implement the "two wings" strategy, strengthen the textile industry to expand at the same time, adhere to multi-channel simultaneously expand trade, innovation of textile industry, make the brand bigger, real estate, trade, textile industry, the new five work go hand in hand, new enterprise development model to build design research and development, production, trade in one, and strive to "12th Five-Year" at the end, will become the new high quality yarn and high-grade fabric production base of enterprise development, to create the first brand of green Chinese.
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